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Being a big fish in a small pond


Saturday night I went to the CD launch of Blues on the Corniche by the Doha Jazz at the W Hotel in Doha.

It was a great night of local jazz performed by expatriates from many different countries who are now resident in Qatar.  There were collaborations with singers, string quartets, traditional Arabic instrumentalists as well as some well known covers that we all know and love.

The ballroom was filled to overflowing and all up was a great night out.

Doha Jazz, like many groups in Doha spring from an expats desire to fill a void or bring a touch of their culture into the world they now live.  Some groups grow and establish a strong foothold, others blossom for a short while and then disappear when their founder / members move on to other countries. 

The changing of the guard is always the biggest challenge to group stability in Qatar.  The other big challenge is working out how to be a “real entity” as setting up a company or as a registered organisation so that you can have a bank account etc.. is still a very complex, expensive and time consuming undertaking.  Many if not most people opt for work around solutions.

But one of the greatest things about starting up a group in Qatar though is the ability “make a difference” if you have even a small amount of ability.  You have a fairly captive audience who are often desperate for entertainment or for services that might be readily available with plenteous choices at home but are close to non existent here.  So often you get to shine that little bit brighter here in Doha than you would at home.  This satire piece sums it up very well.

So it is important to stay humble while teaching any children growing up here that elsewhere they will face much stiffer competition!

In the meantime, have fun and shine!

For more pictures of the Doha Jazz launch visit this site by another gentleman who provides a great service with his part time events photography here in Doha. 



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