Thank you for visiting my website.  I hope you read something of interest and I welcome your comments.

I have been based in Qatar in the Middle East since 2007, finding many new opportunities that stretch and leverage my skill set. I enjoy leading organisations and driving positive change.

My life has been varied, working so far on 4 continents for large multinational, charitable, and government institutions as well as starting and running my own small company.  I’ve also worked across a range of disciplines including finance, technology, publishing and marketing.

As a result of moving countries multiple times, I have had to develop strong networking skills and enjoy connecting people. To help others I introduced and ran Qatar’s first speed networking event and have hosted several now through the Australia New Zealand Business Association – QANZBA –  often in conjunction with other national business groups as a way to get people to connect for their business advantage.

If there are topics you are interested in me covering – please let me know.  I travel a lot and enjoy learning more about people and places and hope to share some of those experiences / insights with you.  I try to have fairly based opinions but am always open to new facts to better shape my understanding.  I like to observe and learn and hope you can share some of your experiences with me too.



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Susie Billings


Please feel to browse, explore and comment constructively as this site slowly builds.

This site, like me, is eclectic. It will reflect a broad range of interests and activities.

I have lived on four continents and worked at senior levels across a range of industries.

Since 2007 I have lived in Doha, Qatar, the home of Al Jazeera and the host city for the World Cup Football (Soccer) in 2022.

Hope you find something here of interest!

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