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Colour me impressed…. Qatar launches new underground metro

UPDATE: On 21 November 2019 the gold line has opened significantly expanding the reach of the Doha Metro – see map at the bottom… When I moved to Qatar in May 2007 – twelve years ago – there were around 800,000 people, a basic orange and black taxi service, old American yellow school busses were … Continue reading

Making progress – Qatar’s Domestic Worker law

While we have heard a lot in the press about Qatar’s ongoing labour law reforms, we have heard less about the law it passed in 2017 defining rights and obligations around domestic workers.  Previously domestic workers rights were ill defined as they were not covered under the main labour law. I will write more about … Continue reading

Seven years and counting….

Seven years ago this week my family and I had packed up our home in London and made the move to Doha, Qatar. We came expecting a new work / life adventure of 3-4 years as we came on a job transfer with an international oil company. The Qatar we arrived in had a population … Continue reading

Disappearing Landmarks

What are you afraid to lose and why?  That is a question I have been asking myself for a while now and seems particularly appropriate at this start to 2014. My questioning started back in August / September 2013 when my life started getting severely disrupted due to all the road work projects that ramped … Continue reading

To green or not to green, especially in the desert….

  I love Doha’s green spaces –  the wide open lawns, playing fields and all the different trees at Aspire Park, the playgrounds along the Corniche, the Doha Golf Club.  They are all a respite from the traffic and building works that are part and parcel of living in Qatar, a desert country with a … Continue reading

Being a big fish in a small pond

Saturday night I went to the CD launch of Blues on the Corniche by the Doha Jazz at the W Hotel in Doha. It was a great night of local jazz performed by expatriates from many different countries who are now resident in Qatar.  There were collaborations with singers, string quartets, traditional Arabic instrumentalists as … Continue reading

The Changing of the Guard

Tonight I attended a Changing of the Guard. The General Manager of a major hotel was leaving and introducing the new GM to the community.  I have worked on and off with the departing GM over the last several years and am sad to see him go, but know it is important for him to … Continue reading

Supply Chains in Doha

Doha is building a new port – one of the largest in the world.  The current one is reportedly strained beyond capacity. Maybe it’s the major reason why running a business or even shopping for your home in Qatar can be so frustrating. A friend recently called it “Safari shopping” – buying in bulk to … Continue reading

Doha Skyline

Doha’s skyline is ever changing.  Fifteen years ago there was almost nothing here in this West Bay area of Doha.  Two thirds of these buildings have gone up since I arrived here in 2007.  It’s fascinating to watch a city and country grow the way Doha, Qatar is. I refer to this part of the … Continue reading

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